Rabbit Vibrator The Sex Partner That You Should Buy

Let’s face it, satisfying the sexual desires of any individual is a delicate task; a mastery of the sorts, that can only be amounted to via the precise touches at the right places at just the perfect tempo. It’s no wonder why there is just a huge desire for a sex toy that can constantly deliver time and time again with very little operating costs. Enter, arguably the world’s most infamous, the world’s most recognized and the world’s most highly retailed sex toy on the global adult platform today… the Rabbit Vibrator.

Tucked away under the beds; at the back of the drawers, in amongst the various clothing used to conceal in that secret hidden place of millions upon millions of women around the world; lays a seemingly sinister, seemingly technical looking device. At first glance you probably would not consider the complexity in its design and the wonders that this treasure aspires too. Made famous by its appearance in the hit TV series, Sex and the City, the iVibe Rabbit Vibrator’s sole purpose is to hit all the right buttons in all the right places at just the right time. The Rabbit Vibrator is a rather new kid on the block in the world of adult sex toys. Around for only a decade or so, the Rabbit Vibrator is the evolutionary result of many years of improving and innovating the traditional vibrator and dildo. Where the dildo lacked, the vibrator succeeded and what the vibrator addressed the Rabbit Vibrator revolutionized.

In today’s adult novelty market, through the many years of development and enhancement, it would be most likely that you would almost definitely run into so many different variations of the Rabbit Vibrator that your mind would be boggled by the enormity of its choices. However, the rise of the traditional Rabbit Vibrator was a result of the growing demands and needs of females for a more pleasurable adult sex toy. The Rabbit Vibrator coined its name from the revolutionary rabbit ear shaped ticklers that protrude from the base of the phallus shaped shaft.

A traditional Rabbit Vibrator embodies two main parts, the shaft and the clitoral stimulator (the rabbit ears) which in conjunction have been designed to provide increased sensations by simultaneously stimulating the vagina and clitoris. Since conception, various additions, improvements and enhancements have been introduced to the Rabbit Vibrator to further increase vaginal stimulation. Such enhancements that are now relatively common include; the embedding of rotating pearls into the shaft; shafts that gyrate; varying vibration settings; waterproof designs and an array of colors and sizes that range from large to pocket size. There are even rabbit vibrators out there that come with Internet connectivity, allowing complete remote control over the internet. This, for some, seems to be the answer to the dreaded lack of intimacy in long distance relationships and for others a kinky means of safe fun.

With such a variety to choose from, the question is not, why do I want one? But rather, why haven’t you got a Rabbit Vibrator already? If you haven’t gotten yourself one of the last decade’s most explosively popular adult sex toys then you shouldn’t be hesitating to jump on board. On today’s market you could easily find the perfect Rabbit Vibrator to suit your every sexual need.

Get Your 3D Leg Over!

Ever since the internet brought sex online, technology has been at the forefront in expanding this market into new areas. The sex industry has always expanded with new developments in technology, as demonstrated when they were the first to heavily invest in webcams to bring their one-on-one peep shows to a world wide audience. Online anything goes, and it seems that the weird and wonderful world of internet titillation has now climaxed with the birth of 3D Animated Sex.

There are thousands of online sites dedicated to bringing 3D animated sex to people. It’s rise in popularity shows that the technological advances in 3D design is making people spend their money and their time in exploring this new world. The 3D Cyber Sex community are currently presented with a variety of different sites that offer a range of different delights. There are the cheap looking ones that simply show clips of 3D animated people performing sexual acts. But the more popular sites are those where the world of gaming has been added into the cyber sex industry. And the game indirectly responsible for steering the sex industry in a new 3D direction is the classic game The Sims.

This game is a life simulation which mirrors daily activities of one or more virtual people in a virtual suburban household. The objective of the game is to encourage the player to make choices and engage in a fully interactive environment. Although this might seem like an odd way to spend your time, The Sims has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide since 2002, and has been nominated for numerous gaming awards. 3D Animated Sex have taken this success story and added a little spice to the mix.

A new generation of adult social games has emerged that bring multiple users together in sexual environments. Examples include Red Light Centre and Playboy: The Mansion. These are explicit adult 3D games which use sexual scenarios as their lure. However, although such explicit animated sex games have big financial backers, there are more popular 3D games which people are being drawn to.
The first of these are the amateur games in Flash or Java, where amateur designers are creating and distributing adult text adventure games known as “Adult Interactive Fiction.” The Internet has allowed such adult games to receive wider availability and recognition, and of course, allow the makers to make lots of money.
The second kind of 3D animated sex online is found in those worlds that are made up almost entirely of player-made content, and which has a host of adult entertainment features including nudity and full on sexual scenarios. Games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft are two popular examples of this new form of 3D animated sex. The hybrid between the sexual dimension and the proven popularity of the virtual game world is proving to be a huge hit with online users seeking sexual thrills.
As early as the ATARI 2600 with console games such as Custer’s Revenge, sex has proven to be an irresistible attraction. When PC’S came along the sexual dimension in gaming was adult text adventures, which with technological advances in 3D design became graphical adventures. One of the most popular and mainstream game series was Leisure Suit Larry. Although CD-ROM and multimedia based games arrived in the 1990’s, most adult games featured video clips with limited interactivity. But the speed of advances in 3D Design has seen a wave of companies taking advantage of people’s desire for more sex in a virtual environment.
Although modern console publishers such as Sony have an internal censorship policy, the Xbox and GameCube don’t, allowing sex to infiltrate unnoticed into the mainstream. But it’s not just in console gaming where 3D Animated sex can be found. A British-Norwegian film is taking CGI and are introducing the world’s first 3D digitally animated sex scene.
The film makers have taken the world of CGI and imbued it with drugs, fecklessness, and swearing. The film is called Free Jimmy, and is probably not for the kids. It centres around a stoned circus elephant called Jimmy who is given uppers and downers by his evil Russian ringmaster. He also has heroin stored in him and becomes the target of deranged animal activists, thuggish Lapp mafiosi and trigger-happy Scottish hunters.
Adult animation is nothing new. From Fritz the Cat in 1972 (“He’s X-rated and he’s animated!”) through to the South Park movie and 2004’s foul-mouthed marionettes in Team America: World Police (“Putting the F back in Freedom”), animated sex has a long and colourful history.
With established companies such as 3D Fatwax Design in the UK pushing the boundaries of 3D Design, it’s not surprising to find other entrepreneurs with specialist 3D Skills using the medium to sell sex using the same technology.
And so we’ve reached a point where 3D animated sex has become part of the internet, game consoles and the movies. It’s popularity isn’t going to diminish as is seen in the number of people willing to spend their time and money in enjoying animated sex online. Censors have been trying to pass laws to prevent things from getting out of hand, but it seems they face an uphill struggle to contain the popularity and success of what people want.

So if you have an interest in living in a virtual 3D world where you can play the role of a swinging hipster, or you prefer watching animated beings perform acts from the Kama Sutra, then you won’t have to look hard to find it. Even if you don’t go looking for it, 3D animated sex is bound to pop up in your local cinema anytime soon. Just remember not to take the children!

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Introducing an erotic product into your relationship such as a vibrator or bondage kit can improve your sex life and bring couples closer together. You may have toyed with the idea of using one with your partner, but not know how approach your partner about this new level of intimacy. If you and your partner are at a level of comfort in your relationship, but are not sure how he or she would react to the idea of using a sex toy, here are some tips to bring the idea up and begin your sex toy adventures together.

If you have never shopped for an adult toy before, I would suggest browsing through several adult toy web sites. Many of the adult toy web sites offering product reviews from customers such as yourself. Looking at adult toy sites can also help you understand the different types of toys that are available and may even have an entire section devoted to sex toys for couples. For example, there are vibrating erection rings with a clitoral stimulator attached that are worn by the male to enhance the sensations for both partners during sexual intercourse. If a vibrating erection ring does not seem right for you, check out some of the more traditional vibrators that are simple to use such as the Erotic Explorer. If you want more assistance, but do not feel comfortable enough to go to a physical store, contact the customer service numbers on some of the adult toy sites. The customer service department are accustomed to helping customers that are new to purchasing adult toys and can provide helpful suggestions on what sex toy is right for you and your partner. Make sure you purchase from a web site that has a phone number available as opposed to just an email. Therefore, you can also contact customer service directly and avoid waiting for email replies.

Once you become more knowledgeable about different sex toys, bring up the topic to your partner when you are in a comfortable atmosphere. Sit down with your partner and bring up the idea of taking your relationship to a different level. Let him or her know how you would like to know how he or she feels incorporating a sex toy into the relationship. Make sure him or her does not feel offended and reassure them that it is not about them not being a good lover. It is about sharing something intimate and special together. If he or she has any questions, let them know you have been doing some research on some products.

If your partner is willing to try it out, build the excitement of the experience by shopping for one together. Look on the computer with your partner and browse the different products that you have done research on. Make sure you let your partner have some input on what products they would like to try. You may want to try several different types. Maybe try a traditional vibe, a small clitoral vibe such as a i vibepocket rocket, and an erection ring. I would also suggest buying a personal lubricant to use with your sex toys to make sure the experience is a pleasurable and comfortable one.

Once you have placed your order for the sex toys, plan a special night together when you have time to try out your new purchase. Create a comfortable atmosphere in which you and your partner can fully relax. Bringing a sex toy into your relationship can strengthen the bond in your relationship and bring you and your partner closer together.

Make Sure He Knows – Choose Gifts That Show Appreciation for Your Daddy

Sometimes we forget to show our fathers how much we care about them and tell them that we appreciate all their hard work. So when Father’s Day is almost here and you’re thinking about Father’s Day gifts ensure that you get him something special.

If you’re stumped, don’t worry just think about his hobbies and interests. One especially popular pass time for older men is gardening. In this article we’ll use that as an example and take a look at some potential Father’s Day gifts. However, you’ll find items easily for almost any dad-obsession out there; from football to brewing so don’t think that this article won’t apply to you if you don’t have a green-fingered father. Whilst you might not share your father’s interests, try to see what it is about his hobby which makes him happy. If your father is a gardener then you should be happy for him because studies have shown that it can be very good for a person’s health and has many other considerable benefits.

Benefits of Gardening

Admittedly, not all fathers have healthy hobbies. For example, darts players can eat a lot of unhealthy foods and drink more than their recommended quantity of beer. Equally, dads who love music might spend a lot of time sitting in a chair listening to it rather than getting some exercise. However, if your dad is a gardener you’re in luck because gardening is incredibly healthy. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) which regularly logs data from different activities to determine which every day activities constitute good exercise, gardening is great for mens’ muscles and offers some light aerobic challenges too. According to the ACSM: “In the study, older adults completed a variety of garden tasks over a two-week period, performing each task for 10-minutes with a five-minute rest period between tasks,” and they found that gardening offered older men enough light to moderate exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Other studies have shown that because gardening reduces psychological stress it lowers problems associated with high blood pressure, poor digestion and some other physiological issues. Furthermore, as if being a benefit to your dad’s health isn’t enough, he’s statistically more likely to eat a good diet if he’s a gardener due to the likelihood of him growing fresh fruits or vegetables. He’s also more likely to be interested in animals and wildlife. So, if your dad likes gardening you should definitely get him some Father’s Day gifts which he can use in the cabbage patch. By getting him gardening presents and encouraging his healthy hobby you could lengthen his life and improve his health.

The same sort of thing applies to many male interests! Getting sports related Father’s Day gifts (think golfing gifts, or football boots!) can also help your dad stay healthy and encourage him to get some fresh air!

Practical Gifts

Practical Father’s Day gifts will almost always beat trinkets. There’s something very male about appreciating tools. In fact, most men find added value in anything which is useful and long lasting. So by getting Father’s Day gifts that can be used in the garden (if your dad’s a gardener) or in some other useful hobby-related way you’ll be giving him much more than just a token of affection. There are lots of items for gardening daddies out there but if you’re not sure what he’s got in the tool shed and you can’t have a snoop around, there are a few old favourites and new ideas which make perfect Father’s Day gifts.

Funny and funky Father’s Day gifts can be better for dads who love a laugh than traditional tools and one great option is a gardening knee pad. You can help to keep your healthy dad’s joints supple and flexible by getting him a foam pad to kneel on. Many dads will normally just kneel on the bare ground and could get bruised knees or even an aching back but a foam knee pad can help keep your father comfortable as he weeds and prunes. You can even get a gardening kneepad which reads ‘Hold up in the direction of house.’ And the words: ‘Cuppa Please!’ So he can signal to your friends and relatives whenever he needs a refuel. Other good gardening Father’s Day gifts are out there though and one of our favourites is a personalised crate.

Imagine giving your dad a planter for his garden as a Father’s Day gift with a sweet message printed on the side. Antique style apple crates are brilliant for growing strawberries and look impressive spilling over with glorious summer flowers but you can also get messages printed on the side of them which say anything you like!

Aphrodisiac Plants, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy to Enhance Sexual Life

Traditionally, some herbs were ascribed aphrodisiac or tonic qualities with the effect of enhancing sexual performance. For most of these herbs, no clinical trial with convincing results has been conducted. Sometimes, preliminary tests seem to confirm the traditional knowledge, but, in general, the supposed effects of these preparations are based on little scientific data. Here is a list, necessarily incomplete, of the major plants found in different commercial preparations designed for stimulating sexual passion in women.

Damiana (Turnera Diffusa): The leaves of this small shrub, native of Mexico, South America and the Caribbean, were used by Mexican natives to prepare an aphrodisiac drink. No systematic clinical trial that would demonstrate the effectiveness of Johncortis in humans have been conducted. The components that could assign its alleged aphrodisiac effects have not been clearly identified. Researchers have been successful in a double blind clinical trial, conducted among 77 women who were given either a placebo or a popular preparation containing arginine, the johncortis of ginkgo and ginseng, vitamins and minerals. After four weeks of use, 73.5% of women who received this product have experienced an improvement of their sex life, against 37.2% for the placebo group.

Epimede. The aerial parts of this herbaceous plant from Japan (Epimedium grandiflora) are known in traditional Chinese medicine as Yin Yang Huo.
They areascribed the power to treat both female and male sexual weakness. Although there are preliminary data indicating that the plant could have a hormonal (increase in testosterone levels), hypotensive and vasodilator action, no clinical trial was conducted on humans therefore, it is impossible to confirm or refute these impacts. In addition, no information is available about dosage, or the type of preparation in which the Epimede would be effective.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba). Researchers have been successful in a double blind clinical trial, conducted among 75 women who were given either a placebo or a popular preparation containing arginine, the johncortis of ginkgo biloba and ginseng, vitamins and minerals. After four weeks of use, 75.5% of women who took this product have experienced an improvement of their sex life, against 37.2% for the placebo group.

Psychotherapeutic methods. Although there is no scientific study to corroborate their effectiveness in the treatment of sexual weakness, some types of psychotherapy can help people to have a better sex life. They can supply tools to enhance attitudes about sexuality, readjusted expectations (perhaps unrealistic), to review the adopted behavior in order to move towards better sexual satisfaction. The choice of a psychotherapeutic treatment over another depends on personal considerations.

Hypnotherapy. According to the great researcher Irv Binik, psychology professor at McGill University (Montreal) and Director of the marital and sexual therapy at the Royal Victoria Hospital, coital pain, including dyspareunia and vaginismus, can be explained by the fact that, in many women, the threshold of tolerance for pain is particularly low. Therefore, it would be useful to give them the tools that are provided to patients suffering from chronic pain. As such, hypnotherapy would be appropriate since it is a part of the arsenal of techniques that are helpful to people suffering from chronic pain. In 2003, Dr. Binik also reported the case of a patient who had been suffering from dyspareunia for three years and whose pain has permanently disappeared after a series of hypnotherapy sessions.

Different Kinds of Weddings in India

Wedding rituals and traditions of India are generally based on religion or society. It is the community that decides the kind of wedding ceremony a couple would have.

Arya Samaj Wedding:-

Unlike all other Indian communities, the Arya Samaj people in India don’t believe in the grand rituals of the typical Hindu wedding function.

One can also blend Arya Samaj wedding with any other Hindu community wedding. According to the popular belief, the Arya Samaj weddings are mainly conducted for Hindus, but in case there are non-Hindus who want to have an Arya Samaj wedding, they can also get married according to the Arya Samaj traditions. But to perform such a wedding, they have to be transformed through a practice called `Shuddhi` meaning purification.

North Indian Wedding:-

The north Indian weddings are usually associated with grandeur and magnificence and are the most popular kind of Indian wedding.

In fact, North Indian Weddings have cast its spell on so many foreigners that there are many who want to get married in India. As a result, wedding tourism in India has also gained huge popularity. Apart from the extravagance, another exceptional feature of North Indian weddings is their complete loyalty to traditional customs and rituals. Like all other parts of India, North Indian weddings follow common rituals and customs.

South Indian weddings:-

The customs and rituals of a typical south Indian wedding are very interesting and exciting.

The south Indian wedding is popular for flowers and fragrance. In the wedding hall of a south Indian wedding, one would find decorations of grown plantain trees, which are suggestive of evergreen plenty for endless generations. Overhead embellishments of mango leaves symbolise the never ending relationship which is about to begin. Then, notes of nadaswaram are recited that suggest union of the bride and the groom is scared and divine. Kolam or rangoli designs are made at the doorsteps to complement the mood of the occasion. After that, the family of the couple gives a hearty welcome is to the guests who arrive for the ceremony. At the wedding entrance, sprinkling of rose water perfumes the visitors.

The sugar candy which is offered in the wedding indicates the sweetness of a happy event.

East Indian weddings:-

The East Indian weddings stringently follow the Vedic rules and regulations instructed. In the states like West Bengal, Bihar Orissa, Assam, predominant rituals of a marriage are reflected.

As per Hindu matrimonial dharma, marriage is believed to be a sacrament of two souls. In the East Indian weddings, the rituals and traditions are considered the principle component of marriage. Marriage is a lifetime commitment from a man to his wife and a woman to her husband. Marriage is the strongest social bond that can take place between a man and a woman. The east Indians believe that Grahastha Ashram or the householder stage, the second of the four stages of life, as per the vedas, begins when a man and a woman enter the holy union of matrimony.

As per east Indians, matrimonial is not an incentive for human weakness, but it is meant for overall spiritual and emotional growth. Man and woman are considered as soul mates that through the foundation of marriage direct the energy connected with their entity instincts and zeal into the development of their souls. The eastern states of India like West Bengal, Assam, Bihar or Orissa signify the customs of such a marriage.

West Indian weddings:-

In the West Indian weddings, the culture of the Indian states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and so on gets reflected. The culture of these states may be very different but the wedding rituals are almost similar to the rest of the nation.

The West Indian marriages generally follow the customs of western India. The states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and others perform their customs and rituals in a typical West Indian manner. Arranging a marriage is a pre-requisite of Indian parents and other relatives of both bride and groom in a West Indian wedding.

There was a time when parents got their children married during their childhood so that they can start living as husband wife after reaching the legal age. However, these days, this practice is not performed.

In India, no matter, you are a part of which state, a wedding here is always celebrated as the most auspicious and grand occasion of one’s life.

Bondage Gear – New Ways To Free Your Inhibitions

Bondage Gear are a fun way to add sizzle to your sexual experiences. Simply having one in the room creates a sexual energy. Bondage have become increasingly popular among people who like to have sexual adventures. Bondage is often considered an extreme fetish, involving elaborate costumes and special behavior. The truth, however, is that while bondage has developed into its own sort of subculture, it’s also enjoyed by many couples as a part of healthy sexuality.

Bondage Gear will breathe new excitement into a relationship for couples who have become a little bored with the same old sexual routines. Just the act of buying one makes a person feel sexy, and then working together to set it up is a unique foreplay experience as the two of you build the swing you will also be building anticipation. Or if you decide to surprise your lover with bondage gear by having it all set up and ready to go when they return home, you will have sent a very clear message that you find them to be exciting and desirable.

I greatly recommend sex swings for starters are. There are swings which can be hung from the ceiling with hardware. These swings can be removed from the hardware for storing away when your Aunt Martha comes for a visit. For an even more portable solution there is a free standing frame for your sex swing. The stand is about 7 feet tall and also has additional hooks for bondage activity or for hanging up useful items to keep them handy.

There are a few different types of sex swings as well. For travel or limited space there is a model that hangs over the door. You just hang a couple of attached tubes over the door, close it, have your partner get the harness on, adjust the straps to the right height and enjoy! There are two variations on the Love Swing. One suspends you from above and allows your lover to move around you, and another one that spins and allows your partner to move you around so that they you may both enjoy more mobility.

Using the pleasure swing also makes quite a few unique positions possible and can add ease and excitement to some old standbys. Oral sex is made easier and more pleasurable when you use a sex swing. One partner can sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and suck and lick without the neck and arm fatigue often experience during oral sex. By lowering the swing, the mutual oral sex position of 69 is easy to achieve and enjoy for longer periods. Intercourse in a sex swing is more exciting and enjoyable because it offers the ability to penetrate deeper and because of the lack of pressure on the body allows lovers to go at it longer as well. Because the sex swing frees both partners from having to brace themselves, they now have free hands to stimulate each other and may enjoy prolonged eye contact. Rear entry and woman on top positions are other positions made possible by a couple of strap adjustments or repositioning your partner’s body.

A sex swing is a good investment; this is a durable toy that lends itself to a variety of sensual and kinky activities. Customers who have purchased this item rate it very high in overall satisfaction with the quality and functionality. Most say it has either restored or greatly enhanced their sex lives. Nothing else says “Wanna come out and play?” quite like a sex swing.

Dirty Talk In Your Marriage – Introducing It In 4 Easy Steps

If you have been married for a long time and have never tried dirty talking to your spouse, you may feel intimidated by the very thought of inviting it into your love life.

In married life you tend to fall into set roles. Once the initial couple of years of passion have passed, all the distractions and compulsions of daily life might sap you of so much energy, you hardly have time for sex; leave alone innovations!

You might also feel shy or apprehensive about suddenly stepping out of your usual mold. What will your husband feel about you donning a new, risqué role?

Will he be shocked? Will he welcome it with open arms or will he treat you with suspicion?

Dirty Talk Can Give You More Freedom

Getting started can often be the biggest hurdle you will face. But once you are past this starting trouble, the two of you will come to truly enjoy the honesty and openness of being able to talk dirty to each other. You just have to give yourself, and each other, the permission to start.

Here are some ways to make it easier to introduce dirty talk into you marriage:

1. Create an Ambience for Love

When you make an effort to make a beautiful space, it sends out its own signals. Light some candles; dim the lights; put on some sexy music for dancing; decorate the room with exotic flowers; scent the room with his favorite perfume…

Setting up an atmosphere for sex will make him feel special, wanted and sexy.

It will also put you in a special mood where you want to please and are ready to be pleased yourself. This will make it easier for you to open up.

When you prepare the bedroom, let everything emanate an erotic message: sexy scents; satin sheets; lacy lingerie laid out; an erotic book in view… The scene will speak for itself and lend to your mood.

2. Tease Him!

Men are usually expected to stay in control of themselves at all times. Being teased to the point of loosing control can be an exhilarating experience for your man.

Men love to be sexually teased, so go ahead and pamper him. Tell him what you are going to do to him when he can’t do anything about it. Get him slavering over what you say to him, until you actually make it happen.

3. Tell Him What You Need

Explicitly and in great detail, tell you partner what you want him to do to you, or what you want to do to him. Nothing can be more exciting to your man than directly hearing it from your lips.

When you dirty talk about your wants and desires, you are making a powerful expression of your sexuality. It will turn you into a veritable sex goddess in his eyes!

Remember to stay within your comfort zone. Sensual words can be used extremely effectively in combination with your body talk without making you feel embarrassed.

4. Get Him to Reveal What He wants

This is how you involve him in your dirty talk and make it more comfortable and exciting for both of you.

Ask him leading questions on what he wants you to do and then act on his answers and then ask him with a sly, knowing smile, “like that?” Guaranteed to drive him crazy!

Get more explicit as you go along. Use different words to describe your bodies and the actions that turn you on to him.

Now you know these 4 simple steps to introduce dirty talking in your marriage, you can start making your husband comfortable with it. As you become more accomplished at it, you will find your love life taking on an entirely new sensuous dimension.

Where to Start – How to Talk Dirty

Are you up for the challenge but don’t know where to start. Have you wanted to unleash that wild side of yours through dirty talking, but haven’t found the courage, or don’t even know where to start. Start by saying something about how you feel or how he looks. Start thinking about the sexy words that get your engines revving. Start out small until you feel more comfortable. Start by having a light, lively, humorous chat with your boyfriend in a secluded and romantic place. Start out with the ‘Oh baby, ride me like a horse,’ and move on to, ‘I love you like the sun the moon the stars and now my life is complete. You can start by doing it in your head, but eventually do it out loud.

A great way to start with dirty talk is to describe out loud what is happening during sex. One of the best ways to practice how to talk dirty to your man is to start out by flirting with him during the day. However, once you start to do it, you’ll see how it can take your sex life up a notch. One of the best tips for getting started is to describe what’s happening when you’re having sex and how you feel about it. Or maybe you should start out by writing hot notes to your sweetie rather than speaking aloud. A handful of quick “makeover” tricks to make the man you want purr with delight as he gets turned on like a switch, and start “ooohhhh’ing” and “aaahhhing” at you.

To start with, try little things he likes to hear from him like “I feel good when you do this on me”, “Do this on me, do that hard on me” etc. How to talk dirty with your partner starts with your sexual desire to bring your partner to a point where in he will desire you as well in bed. Second, if you are still a bit hesitant about opening up to your boyfriend, you can always start by doing it on phone. As things are starting to warm up, encourage what he is already doing by whispering passionately, “I love it when you do that. But, do start referring to each others’ bodies and body parts in new and colorful ways.


Things will go smoothly as long as you really thought about it. If you really want to keep the lover you have, it’s in how you talk to him. Not only does talking turn your man on and release his inner passion for you, it tells him that you are really liking and enjoying what he is doing. I certainly was not someone who thought I could have the courage to talk dirty, but I really wanted to try it because I knew my girlfriend would like it. Talking dirty to turn on your lover can really add spice during lovemaking. You can also include really sexy music as your background to make him more turned on and excited. He will really love this and your words will be very pleasing to his ears and make him really ready for you to take him to climax. You should know your partner better and if possible, you better learn how to talk dirty together for a really more satisfying and unforgettable sexual experience. I have found that it’s much easier for the words to flow during sex when we’re really worked up.

Dirty Talking – Make It Easy On Your Self before You Start

Dirty talking can be a simple and fun addition to your repertoire of sexual tricks. However, while some women may take to it like a duck to water, you may have found your self still stuck on dry land; struggling to get over your fears and jump in.

It may come naturally and easy to you. Or you may need to take some time getting used to the idea.

If you are having trouble, take a reality check:

Does the thought of dirty talking fill you with apprehension? If so, you need to sit back and view the scene clearly. Where does the fear come from?

Is it because you want to do it, but are not sure what your boyfriend’s reactions will be?

Is it that both you and your partner want to do it, but you are struggling with your inhibitions?

Or is it that HE wants you to do it, but you are not comfortable with the idea?

Figure out if you really want to do it:

Being sexually adventurous has to come from within you. If you are being forced into it because of what your partner wants, you will feel very unsure of what you are doing.

You might come to resent being burdened with something you are not comfortable with. You might even loose confidence if you feel you are not able to match up to his expectations.

So make sure you are happy with what you are doing before you go ahead.

Getting used to the idea first, helps:

Perhaps your boyfriend wants to dirty talk and you are curious about it? One way to get over your reluctance to start is to read as much as you can about it. Familiarize yourself with the idea.

Once you are used to it, you might find it surprisingly easy to start. And once you start, you will definitely be surprised at how liberating and enjoyable dirty talking can be.

Find out more about talking dirty:

So where can you get tips and advice on talking dirty?

Try online information. If you browse through relationship self help sites, you will find dirty talking listed as one of the top ways to bring excitement back into your love life. You will find all the information you need easily and without any trouble.

Watch a few adult movies. Approach this step with caution though. Most of these are meant for instant male gratification. Highly exaggerated scenes might turn you off or make the prospect of dirty talking seem even more intimidating.

Try an erotic novel. This is a method I can highly recommend. Women often find the written word more erotic than in-your-face Technicolor because they can use their imagination more. You will find it easier to pick up words, phrases or even entire scenarios from a good book.

Talk to your friends. But remember, one size does not fit all! The list of “dos” and “don’ts” your friends give you may or may not suit you. Just keep the relevant points in mind and remember they are only generalizations.

4 Simple tips to keep in mind:

Whether you decide to dirty talk or not, should depend on only your own attitude and flexibility. If you do decide to try it out, do keep these points in mind:

1. Do what suits you the best; always be natural. Trying to force a role on your self will not work in your favor.

2. Use the kind of language that you are comfortable with. Even simple English can be used sensuously. You can move into more explicit words when you feel more adventurous about dirty talking.

3. Agree with your partner before hand, not to laugh at each other if someone slips up, or if it doesn’t work out. Humiliating or degrading one another is not acceptable under any circumstances.

4. Make it a joyful activity. Laugh, giggle, whisper and enjoy yourselves.

Dirty talking is not rocket science. It is something that can grow on you if you are open to it. And once you start, you will be amazed at the possibilities that open up in your relationship.